About Little King Media

Little King Media is a digital publishing company specializing in Personal Finance & Military and Veterans Benefits topics.

Our mission is to help the military community take advantage of their military benefits and make smart financial decisions!

Our portfolio includes the following websites:

The founder, Ryan Guina, is also a writer and digital marketing consultant.

About Cash Money Life

Cash Money Life was founded in 2007, by Ryan Guina. It was acquired by Three Creeks Media in 2022.

Ryan started Cash Money Life shortly after he left the US Air Force. He struggled during his transition from the military and read everything he could get his hands on about personal finance, investing, and related topics. This interest led him to start Cash Money Life.

Today, Cash Money Life helps hundreds of thousands of readers make better financial decisions each month.

Cash Money Life was acquired by Three Creeks Media in 2022.

About The Military Wallet

The Military Wallet was founded in 2009, by Ryan Guina. Ryan had written several military benefits articles on Cash Money Life, and realized they needed to be housed on their own website. The result was The Military Wallet.

Today, The Military Wallet reaches over 5 million military members, veterans, and their families each year. Over 100,000 readers subscribe to The Military Wallet Newsletter, and the podcast has been downloaded over 600,000 times.

The Military Wallet was acquired by Three Creeks Media in 2021.

About The Military Guide

The Military Guide was founded in 2010, by retired Navy officer and published author Doug Nordman. Ryan Guina acquired The Military Guide in 2018.

Doug founded The Military Guide as a complimentary website to his book, The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement.

Doug retired from the Navy, and following the principles outlined in his book, he has been able to remain retired without having to work since leaving the military. Today, Doug continues to fill his days with meaningful pursuits, such as mentoring, writing, traveling, and surfing. He continues to write for The Military Guide and recently put the finishing touches on his new book, which will launch in early 2020.

The Military Guide was acquired by Three Creeks Media in 2022.